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About Us

Founded in 2009, Win7soft is a development company specializing in the creation of free applications for a wide range of purposes. The core of the company is a close-knit team of professional developers committed to releasing user-friendly, compact, efficient and 100% freeware tools for everyday use:

Logon screen Changer- Change windows7 logon screen.
Change Extension- Change file extensions.
Icon2Pic- Convert Icon to Pictures.
Image Convert Lite- Convert Images to Different Format.
Lame Mp3 Converter- Convert and Compress Mp3.
MD5 Hash- Calculate MD5 Hash.
Pic2Icon- Convert Pictures to Icon.
Startup Application- Run softwares automatically when windows starts.
Startup Notice- Display bootup message.
Vb.Net MsgBox- Generate Vb.Net Msgbox code.
Vb.Net Notepad- Create and read text.